Febco 765-1 1" PVB with unions

Febco 765-1 1" PVB with unions

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FEBCO 765-1 1" Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) with attached union ball valves. The unions allow you to easily remove your expensive vacuum breaker and store it inside for the winter. Even though the internal parts are replaceable, why take chances? Replacing the broken plastic parts is several times more expensive than the additional cost of the 765-1 with unions. This vacuum breaker provides protection against backsiphonage of toxic or non-toxic liquids. The irrigation line will remain pressurized at all times, but if pressure is lost within the house, the valve will open to prevent lawn water from entering into your house water lines. The PVB contains a spring loaded check valve which closes tightly when the pressure in the assembly drops below 1 PSI or when zero flow occurs. An air relief valve opens to break a siphon when the pressure in the assembly drops to 1 PSI. Repair parts for existing Febco PVBs are also available. The bonnet and poppet are the same for both models of PVB. Free ground shipping.

Installation instructions for this part are available from the FEBCO web site at: http://media.wattswater.com/IOM-F-765.pdf

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